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Prices include:

1. Free delivery within one hour drive
2. Full assembly at your site
3. Solid pine, walls floor and roof
4. Pressure treated 4 x 4 base under floor
5. All windows include flower boxes
6. Doors assembled with quality hinges and lockable latch
7. Includes 30 year shingles
8. Includes patio stones for a level site
9. A large variety of stain options

10. No down payment
11. Prices subject to HST

The 'gable end' is always the peak end of the shed, the measurements are gable end first, ie: an 8 x 10 is 8ft across the GABLE END.

We ask the customer to provide only the following details:
1. A level site
2. Site marked with a stake at each corner and two stakes marking the door
3. Work site free of dog feces
4. Full payment upon completion of shed


Please note that if your shed is to be constructed on a cement pad, we will not touch up the stain around the bottom of your shed, but will instead leave some stain for you to complete this yourself.
Cement pads are expensive and we do not want yours to be splashed with stain!